Sunday, 16 June 2013

Over seas with Brendon smith!

Brendon left for Europe on the 5th if may, when arriving he then met up with the blunt team to make the journey to Montpellier's annual fise festival. Fise decided to do a scooter competition "king of the spine" which fasen sponsored! Brendon managed to get himself 2nd place!

After the fise festival was over Brendon spent a few days I flavios city "nimes" and ride a couple of skate parks or a few days awaiting the uk tour,

When the time had come Brendon and team blunt hit the road for the blunt scooters uk tour with stops at revolution, deeside, rampworx, creation and Gloucester. King if the hill competition took place in gloucester where brendon took out 1st place! The boys also managed to get a video filmed which should be out soon!

After the uk tour Brendon then had to go back to France to start another tour around a few country's such as Czech Republic, Austria and Italy! Which he stacked a lot clips, keep an eye out for them!

It was now home time and a good bye to Europe after almost 6 weeks of touring!

Here is some photos of where he rode through out the tour!

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